Our Community
The Ensenada Cruisers web site is a meeting place for a group of local cruisers and residents along with visiting cruisers who volunteer their knowlege, assistance and time in order to build a community of support
and fellowship while on their boating journey.
Participate or Just listen
The Cruisers Net operates weekly -Monday thru Saturday and begins at
8.00 AM on VHF Radio - channel 69  After the Cruisers Net listen for
detailed marine weather, world news and announcements of local events.
Come and Join Us
Many of the Cruisers have made Ensenada their home and readily share
both their knowledge and time to assist new arrivals and Cruisers who are
just passing through. Come and join in the Thursday night festivities at the
Ensenada Cruisers Yacht Club where you will meet all of the sailing locals
and transients. And please consider joining our Members Page where your
fellow Cruisers will certainly recall your face if not your name and vessel.
Also the members page is a great resource to keep in touch with new found
friends in Ensenada.

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